Patented Cool Tops Down Draft System for Tractors & Mowers, ROPS Fan, ROPS Canopy, ROPS Sunshade,
Tractor Fan, Tractor Canopy, Tractor Sunshade, Mower Fan, Mower Canopy, Mower Sunshad
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Fan Specifications:

  • Steel Frame
  • Waterproof Switch
  • S blade Trimline Fan
  • 16" Diameter
  • 12 Volt
  • 11 Amp

  • Fan motor and switch have a one year limited warranty.

  • Fan frame has a lifetime limited warranty.

Canopy Specifications:

  • Hand Laid Fiberglass
  • Gel-Coat Color
  • Install Easily
  • Custom Colors Available

  • When working in wooded areas you can take canopy off by removing four bolts.

  • Transporting equipment is not a problem. Our canopy is designed to withstand interstate speeds.

Canopy Colors:

  • We mix our colors to match up with the leading manufacturers factory colors so that your equipment has a polished look when your Cool Top is installed.
  • Custom Colors - Please call to discuss.

U.S. Patents:

6,202,394 – Downdraft Fan System for Riding Lawnmower

D662,870 – Design patent for a Ventilated Canopy for a Vehicle

8,262,149 – Fan and Canopy Assembly for Riding Vehicle

8,398,145 – Fan and Canopy Assembly for Riding Vehicle

8,720,971 – Fan and Canopy Assembly for Riding Vehicle

9,844,998 – Fan and Canopy Assembly for Riding Vehicle


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